Koushik Dasika

Hacker/Mathist Extraordinaire




This was started at the Goodnik Helping Hacks Hackathon. I was challenged to make a website that helped nonprofits source volunteers for their events. I decided to make the process a game and have organizations create challenges with points, prizes, and badges, and volunteers would complete those challenges for swag.
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Haml
Made in Test Driven Development style with unit tests in RSpec and functional tests in Cucumber.

Mood Music


An app that takes a picture of your face, recognizes your mood, and then plays appropriate music to match your mood. This app won the best Mashery App and best Video hack awards at Hack N’ Jill. Face.com’s facial recognition API was taken down so this app needs to be updated with a new facial recognition API.
Stack: Ruby on Rails, jQuery



A website where tutors and students can connect for free. This project won the Best Web Application award in the Spring 2012 Princeton Hackathon.
Stack: PHP, jQuery, MySQL



A cross-platform golf puzzler with physics!!! It is aimed for Android platforms.
Stack: Java, using the LibGDX framework

Easy Mood


My first attempt into web programming. You enter your zipcode and it returns an appropriate LOLCat picture depending on the local weather and also gives the local news. Won best Mashery application at the Spring 2012 Penn Apps Hackathon.
Stack: PHP, jQuery, MySQL